Thursday, September 3, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Well today is the day, the project is complete and Fran and I are taking our precious samples back to england.  Were waiting at the ferry point now for a ferry that was supposed to leave at 7 am and leaves instead at 9:30am.  Its pretty typical of the pole pole (slowly slowly) experience that we have had here.  Luckily our flight doesn't leave until this afternoon so it just means a bit more time on the island.
Fran and I are both beyond excitement about going home, not because we have had anything less than an awesome time here, but we both have loved ones who missand need us and vice versa.
Tom, Andy, Caz, and Lizzy are staying in Tanzania and have quite an adventure planned from climbing mount Meru to visiting Sokoine University and being tech ambassadors.
Will, Siobhan, and Hatch are staying on our beloved island and having some much deserved rest and relaxation on the beaches of Kendwa.

Its been one hell of an experience overall, a lot more challenges and arguments than any of us expected, but these were far outnumbered by amazing experiences and shared laughs. 
The work is not done yet by any stretch of the imagination, we still have slides to stain, PCR to run and papers to write, but likely most of the surprises and curveballs are over.  But after the team finishes their adventures in the upcoming weeks we will get back to it and get our data and results back to the staff here who are eagerly awaiting it.


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