Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hottest Day on the Island

Today felt like the hottest day so far as the team set out to sample farms from the western district of Zanzibar.  The day started with the group stopping off at a developing milk collecting centre where the hope is a dairy processing unit will eventually be set up.  As with previous days the group divided into two teams to sample a total of 30 cows.  Today we gave Dr Waridi the opportunity to fine tune his skills using the ODK technology on the phones to store clinical information about each cow... he picked it up really quickly and was soon moving through it quicker than us!
On return to the lab (and the shade) the team sorted through the days samples while Siobhan and Tom had the opportunity to attend to the neutering clinic where they had 3 patients.
For the afternoon we were invited to a primary school set up and run through a Canadian charity.  On arrival we were greeted by the children performing a song before being given a tour of the school which is still in the process of being built.  The school is aiming to set up its own dairy processing unit which will hopefully make them independent of western funding.  We were kindly cooked a lovely dinner and had the opportunity to share information we had gained through our experiences with farmers on the island.  Our visit ended with us presenting the school with rugby balls donated by West Suffolk College and the Rugby Football Union... there was even time for a quick play where the young children gave us a run for our money!  More information about the school can be found at www.allnationsacademy.schools.officelive.com.

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