Monday, August 31, 2009

A bonza bbq day!

As we awoke to the tunes of disneys enchanted (courtesy of knowles) we all prepared for the first day in the field of our final week. D+ is sweeping through the camp and some of the team have been making fairly regular (and musical) trips to the toilets!

I checked in on the cats by the WSPA van and mine is happy and still meowing away, whilst andrews has already found a happy home! We picked up dr waridi and ramadan and went off to sample in the northern district.

We sampled two farms today, both of which had lots of bulls which were quite fiesty (bruises from kicks ahoy). Following our lead lots of the cows were suffering from sloopy stools but seemed in otherwise good condition. We came accross 2 cases of suspected ecf, both of which we took lymph node aspirates from. It will be interesting to see what these yield back in the lab in London.

Unfortunately Caz developed a migraine when we were back at the lab. One of our first aiders lizzy was on the case straight away and got her the necessary drugs and rest she required! Will and Andy both successfully emasculated three tom cats in the afternoon under the watchful eye of one our good friends here, Dr Ramadan. 

In the afternoon Andy, Andrew and Tom went to market to buy us lots of tasty tuna fish for a bbq. Meanwhile Siobhan, Caz, Will and I went to sizzle in stone town (twas a scorcher of a day) and indulge in a bit of shopping. Lizzy, Fran and Niall held down the fort back home downloading pictures onto our computers from our sampling days.

The day came to and end with a bbq in our back garden (with our two friends lolly and fran who were chomping down some of the tit bits quite merrily). We had some gorgeous ginger and lime tuna with rice and vegetables.

Fran and will then entertained us in the living room with some of their many stories!

Looking forward to visiting a charity school tomorrow,
Bye for now
The hatch-meister ;)))))

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  1. Yo yo Hatch Meister. Whad up?
    Sounds like you are all having a good time except for the Zanzibar trots!!
    Glad your cats are fine.
    Our catalike Coco is so intelligent she gets out of everything! She is a full time job. Attached a tick and flee collar to her yesterday.
    Dad says "Hi".
    Look forward to all the stories, the Barking Mad x