Friday, August 21, 2009

Siobhan adopts a school of children

We woke this morning as smelly as we went to bed with the on going water shortage and the duty breakfast makers were horified to find an empty 'larder', never the less we got out to our sampling area in the central part of the island ok. The team split between 2 villages again to maximise our coverage, one team went with the super efficient vet director Dr Waridi whilst the other headed off with the more laid back Dr Ramadan. We took many lymph node aspirates from calves with enlarged lymph nodes for cytological examination. We are having to perfect the Giemsa staining slightly due to humid conditions.

Everyone is now slick in their positions in the field and the lab and using the android phone technology to enter physical exam findings on every cow.
We had to work even quicker than usual to let the locals prepare for Ramadan which starts Saturday or Sunday depending on the moon. 

Because of the impending holiday, the local kids had the morning off and had plenty of time to swamp will and siobhan with adoration.  They could not take bloods because the kids wanted to hold hands.

Overall it was a great albeit smelly day but the team has relaxing and safe plans for the weeend.  Woop!!

-Andy, Lizzy, andrew

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  1. Have a wonderfully smelly weekend all! : )