Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Busy busy busy, too busy to blog yesterday. Field work continued on Wednesday as per usual, and us girls helped/hindered some ladies plant aubergine in an agricultural school. Later we got a VIP sneak preview of an as of yet unopened zanzibar attraction...the zoo. We were flattered to be asked for our advice about both the welfare of the animals and tourist potential. We had a frolick with the wilderbeest and zebra which running free with the guinea fowl,and had a horseride around the grounds.

Next was tidy/shopping time in preparation for our special guest Niall on Thursday. Today we visited a government farm, and with a herd of 153 and a crush it was the closest we have seen to the British system. Since it was the only sample site for the day we had time to take a good survey. The dream team perfected their field tick collection by stalking cows with the ceremonious tickflag. Success made Toms day! The low tick burden due to good management on the farm meant light work in the lab so Alex and The Hag went to help dr Ramadan spay a couple of stray cats-quite a contrast to life in the QMH.
The arrival of an extra set of wheels was followed by the arrival of Niall with some essentials-EDTA tubes, suncream newspapers and...chocolate. We enjoyed a meal at the old favourite Forodhani street market, and now we are back at HQ playing cards- GOOD TIMES!

Over and out...lala salama

Lizbo and Shish x

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