Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monkeys and Mangroves

Jambo bloggers will and caz here,
Another exciting day on isle of spice! The tone of the day was set early on with a exuberant chorus of our new favourite song- Jambo Jambo Wana (closely followed by Coco-coconutti!) Sampling in the north continued with the cattle seeming wilder and less used to handling, resulting in a face full of faecal matter for Frannie (much to the delight of the team and the 20 plus onlookers.) Our clinical exam of one sick calf with a high temperature, enlarged lymph nodes and pale mucus membranes resulted in treatment for suspected ECF.
Becoming more efficient in the lab gave us time afternoon to visit Jozani Forest. Our guide Hasaam carefully navigated us through the wonderful world of endangered red colobus monkeys, wild pigs, civet cats, kite spiders and last but not least the red AND yellow legged millipedes. We were sent on our way with a salute from a carpet of waving crabs (as weird as this sounds its true!) before ending the day on a high with the boys treating us all to a homemade squid supper.
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  1. Loving the slide show.
    Hatch herd acquired a fourth dog yesterday, Papillon. "Coco". More like a bloody cat running along the sofa top!! All suitably delighted. Barking mad. Big dogs adjusting slowly. Magnificent monkey. Jambo jambo Wana. xxx