Thursday, August 20, 2009

23 years in the african jungle

Today is the 20th of august 2009... special, why? Because it is my 23rd birthday!!! Wohoo :) We woke up to some fine music listening to the delights of the lion king and some p diddy / puffy / diddy / sean combs (naturally). The group bought me a nice bday hat and some dog food (what makes lolita and fran happy, our resident dogs, makes me happy!). We chomped down our breakie and headed out for another day in the field.

Today we were sampling cows from Jendele and H/mchana to the east of the Central District. As per usual we split into two sampling teams and managed to gather a good number of lymph node aspirates this time around. The farms here seemed to have a higher stocking density although they were mostly not co grazing. Some of the calves were sick with enlarged lymph nodes. Caz sampled a local african toilet at one of the farms (squatting skills much improved) and I learnt how to say its my birthday in swahili - something like 'leo-seko-yakuzaleewa!'

Tomorrow we all swap roles (e.g. person scribing on phones will now be collecting ticks and carrying out the clinical exam). I headed off to the house early to prepare lunch with Siobhan while the others completed the lab work for today' samples.

This afternoon we have been without water and mostly catching up on our sleep and doing the odd bits and bobs around the house. Andy and Will have 'showered' in the sea and the dogs have had my birthday treat. Off to a nearby bar for some well deserved drinks and nosh now!

Off and out,
Alex ;))))))))

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  1. Happy bday Alex!!!!! from all the Hatchies, glad you got two dogs in the house. We are feeling the heat back home as well! unfortunately not the same scenery! Lots of love from us all xxxxxx