Friday, August 28, 2009

Field blitz and a Rank birthday

Well Friday is never a quiet day in Zanzibar! With our ever helpful vets required at 10am back at the centre for an essential talk to all the vet assistants on the island we managed a day's work in 2 hours... it was hard, personally sweaty (the banter regarding my random knee sweat continues a pace) and pretty stressful but ultimately satisfying.

Niall, our new techno-man, had a bit of a baptism of fire in the use of the androids in fieldwork - ironically using old fashioned pen and paper to record his observations.

After The Hag and Alex checked their cat spays were out of the woods (they were happy and healthy) we headed out to the coast to celebrate Caroline Louise Rank's birthday - yes that's the 3rd of the trip!


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