Monday, August 24, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho its back to work we go!

After the weekend's 4 S's - sun, sea, snorkeling and sunburn a slightly "rosy" team were back in the thick of fieldwork today... and what a day!

A heavy rainstorm as dawn broke cleared the sky of all but the lighest whisps of cloud. With no protection afforded by cloud cover, the sun blazed relentlessly down on our intrepid troup as we busied ourselves at the first farm of the day. In contrast to the sheltered nature of many of the farms visited so far, this farm was open field, exposed and sparsely vegetated with the cows (or us!) offered little shade in which to seek refuge from the heat. Many of the cows were thin, several were ill and all seemed exhausted, offering little resistance to being examined and sampled by the team.

The second farm demonstrated the juxtaposition of environments which exist on this island as we trekked through heavy undergrowth cast in shadow by an impressive palm tree canopy to reach our destination. Once again the hospitality of the locals surprised us as we were given several watermelons as gifts - lunch was looking good!

Lab work completed and the watermelons duly eaten we hit Stone Town to take in the impressive House of Wonders - now a museum but originally a sultan's palace - with its astounding views from panoramic balconies. Superb end to another tiring but fantastic day on our URT adventure!


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  1. Sounds brilliant, I am jealous. Soon going back to work with hormonal adolescents next week already, not allowed to take samples or test them. They are very resistant! Cows sound like a preferable option!! I am psyching myself up for it. Sending our best wishes from the Hatch herd!! XXX