Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heading to the deep south...

It's suprising how easy it is to leave one's bed early when the African sunrise awaits you - its a completely different prospect than 6am in Potters Bar when its raining outside and your wrapped in a warm duvet!

Field work continued at a fast pace but with two days of experience behind us and the androids working smoothly the two subunits of our entrepid team perspired rather than sweated in completing our sampling in the deep south of the island.

The villages and farms of this southen region of Zanzibar provided the team with a real sense of what life on this wonderful island is truely like for the locals away from the tourist driven hussle bussle of Stone Town and private beach resorts where honeymooners lounge in luxary sipping cocktails on the famous pristine white beaches which appear to melt into sapphire blue ocean. Estute and educated in the welfare of their animals; families working together in rural production lines to ensure no time is wasted; young children still nervous around us but with an infinitely superior grasp of English than our fledging attempts at Swaheli; mango trees lining the roads rooted in deep red earth.

Our foray in to the deep south left us feeling that we'd begun the journey into the discovering the Zanzibar often hidden from the average tourist. More please!

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  1. Hi all, good luck in your adventures!

    I think the link to the main site from your blog page should be http://www.rvc.ac.uk/urt (the www is missing).

    Sonya (emedia unit)