Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ready for the week

This weekend we all decided that we should use our days off to get in touch with our inner tourists, so we all dipped into our wallets and got a few cheap rooms at a place on the beach in the far north of the island.  Was not 4 stars by any means, but the view was great and team sunbathe (everyone but this guy) soaked up some rays.  In the case of frannie, a bit too many rays.
But we left the sterile world of tourism and we're back in our humble abode and are spending the evening with ramen noodles and the laptops compiling survey responses and backing up the data from our android devices.
This week we will start sampling the northern half of the island, and on Thursday we will be joined by Niall Winters from the U of London Knowledge lab who is going to be evaluating the devices' role in supporting our work.  He will also be staying with us so he is in for some fun indoor camping with the team!  We will try and show him around the island a bit now that we are practically locals. :)

That's all for now, hope you enjoy the slideshow in the left bar of the site.

- The Hag (not a nickname of my choosing)

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